Could Casino Games be Released on Next-Gen Consoles? – The Game Haus

Could Casino Games be Released on Next-Gen Consoles? – The Game Haus

Two of the biggest names in the gaming industry, Microsoft and Sony, are preparing for a showdown of who releases the better console later this year. But even before they release Xbox X and PS5, video game fans have an idea of who will win.

The Xbox comes with a slightly more powerful processor, faster clock speeds, and a tad more advanced graphics. It will be cheaper too. However, fans will have the final say when both companies release their consoles this holiday season.

In the meantime, the primary question on every casino player is: when will consoles take casino games seriously? Both Xbox and PS5 will feature highly sophisticated video games. So, what about slots and card games?

The Technology is Present

Next-gen consoles have the technology needed to run slot machines, blackjack, and poker. That was never in doubt. The only thing in doubt is whether developers and publishers have the will to feature gambling games on consoles.

On the one hand, some developers might not benefit from developing slots for Xbox when there’s a market for these games elsewhere. After all, there’s almost no chance of Microsoft and Sony, allowing real money gambling games on their consoles.

On the flip side, there’s a growing demand for casino games on video game platforms. On Twitch, for example, casino game streaming channels have over two million fans. There many more fans and channels on YouTube.  As such, some developers might want to fill the existing market gap.

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